Synonyms of buckle in English:



  • his belt buckle
  • verb

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  • 1 he buckled the belt round his waist
    fasten, do up, hook, strap, tie, secure, clasp, catch, clip
    [Antonyms] unfasten
  • 2 Harry's front axle buckled he had buckled the front axle
    warp, become/make warped, bend, bend out of shape, become/make bent, twist, become/make twisted, curve, become/make curved, distort, become/make distorted, contort, become/make contorted, become/make crooked, deform, become/make deformed, malform, become/make malformed, misshape, become/make misshapen, mangle, become/make mangled, develop a kink/wrinkle/fold, bulge, arc, arch, wrinkle;
    crumple, collapse, cave in, give way
    [Antonyms] straighten
  • Phrases

    buckle down

    I just buckled down and got on with playing as well as I could
    get (down) to work, set to work, get down to business, roll up one's sleeves, put one's hand to the plough;
    work hard, apply oneself, make an effort, strive, be industrious, be diligent, be assiduous, exert oneself, focus
    informal get cracking, pull/get one's finger out, get weaving, get off one's backside
    British informal get stuck in

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