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Synonyms of bump in English:


  • 1 I landed with a bump
    jolt, collision, crash, smash, smack, crack, thwack, bang, thud, thump, buffet, knock, rap, tap, impact
    informal whack, bash, wallop
  • 2 I was woken by a bump
    bang, sharp noise, crack, boom, clang, peal, clap, pop, snap, knock, tap, slam, thud, thump, clunk, clonk, clash, crash, smash, smack;
    stamp, stomp, clump, clomp;
    report, explosion, detonation, shot
    informal wham, whump
  • 3 the wheels hit a bump in the road
    [Antonyms] pothole
  • 4 the police would ask him how he got the bump on his head
    swelling, lump, bulge, injury, contusion;
    nodule, node, outgrowth, growth, carbuncle, hunch, excrescence, protuberance, projection
    technical process, bulla
  • verb

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  • 1 all those cars bumped into each other
    hit, ram, bang (into), collide with, be in collision with, strike, knock (into), knock against, crash into/against, smash into, slam into, crack into/against, dash against, run into, plough into;
    North American  impact
    [Antonyms] miss
  • 2 the cart bumping along the road
    bounce, jolt, jerk, rattle, shake, jounce
  • Phrases

    bump into
    informal I bumped into an old friend
    archaic run against
    bump someone off
    informal he would try and bump the blackmailer off See kill
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