Synonyms of bunch in English:



  • 1 a bunch of flowers
    wreath, garland, chaplet;
    flower arrangement;
  • 2 a bunch of keys a bunch of bananas
    cluster, clump, knot;
    group, assemblage, collection
  • 3 informal what a wonderful bunch of people
    group, set, circle, body, company, troupe, collection, assemblage, gathering, throng, knot, cluster, huddle, multitude, bevy, party, band, horde, pack, drove, flock, swarm, stream, mob
    informal gang, crowd, load, crew, gaggle
  • 4North American informal they did a whole bunch of things See lot
  • verb

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  • 1 he bunched the reins in his hands
    bundle, clump, cluster, group, arrange, gather, collect, assemble;
    bind, pack, fasten together, truss
    [Antonyms] spread out, release
  • 2 his trousers bunched around his ankles
    gather, ruffle, pucker, shirr, tuck, fold, pleat
    [Antonyms] spread out
  • 3 he halted, forcing the rest of the runners to bunch up behind him
    cluster, huddle, gather, concentrate, congregate, collect, accumulate, amass, group, herd, crowd, flock, mass;
    pack somewhere, cram somewhere
    [Antonyms] disperse
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