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Synonyms of burst in English:


  • 1 one balloon burst he's burst my balloon
    split open, burst open, break open, tear open, rupture, crack, fracture, fragment, shatter, shiver, fly open
    literary tear asunder, rend asunder
  • 2 a shell burst a short distance away
    explode, blow up, detonate, go off, be set off, land
    informal go bang
  • 3 smoke, dust, and heat burst through the hole
    break, erupt, surge, gush, rush, stream, flow, pour, cascade, spill;
    sweep, spout, spurt, jet, spew, discharge, roll, whirl
  • 4 he burst into the room without knocking
    plunge, charge, barge, shove, plough, lurch, hurtle, career, rush, dash, tear
  • 5 she burst into tears
    break out in, launch into, erupt in, have a fit of;
    suddenly start
  • Phrases

    burst out
  • 1 ‘Well, I don't care!’ she burst out angrily
  • 2 he burst out crying
    suddenly start
  • noun

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  • 1 damage to tyres by punctures and bursts
    rupture, breach, split, blowout
  • 2 the mortar bursts were further away than before
    explosion, detonation, blast, discharge, eruption, bang
  • 3 a burst of anger a sudden burst of activity
    outbreak, outburst, eruption, flare-up, explosion, blow-up, blast, blaze, attack, fit, spasm, paroxysm, access, rush, gale, flood, storm, hurricane, torrent, outpouring, surge, upsurge, spurt, effusion, outflow, outflowing, welling up
    informal splurt
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