Synonyms of bust in English:



  • 1 a woman with a large bust
    chest, bosom, breasts
    British informal bristols, charlies, baps
    North American informal bazooms, casabas, chichis, hooters
    Australian informal norks
    archaic dugs, paps, embonpoint
  • 2 a bust of Julius Caesar
    sculpture, carving, effigy, three-dimensional representation;
    statue, torso, head
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    Synonyms of bust in English:




  • 1 he had bust the clip that held the lid up the box has bust
    break, crack, snap, fracture, shatter, smash, smash to smithereens, fragment, splinter;
    disintegrate, fall to bits, fall to pieces;
    tear, rend, sever, separate, divide
    rare shiver
  • 2 he promised to bust the mafia
    overthrow, destroy, bring about the downfall of, topple, bring down, bring low, ruin, break, overturn, overcome, defeat, purge, get rid of, oust, unseat, dislodge, eject, supplant
    [Antonyms] perpetuate, support
  • 3 two roadies were busted for drugs See arrest
  • 4North American my apartment got busted
    raid, search, make a search of, swoop on, make a raid on
    informal do over
  • adjective

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    go bust

    his haulage business went bust and he owes £120,000
    fail, collapse, crash, fold (up), go under, founder, be ruined, cave in;
    go bankrupt, become insolvent, cease trading, go into receivership, go into liquidation, be liquidated, be wound up, be closed (down), be shut (down)
    informal go broke, go bump, go to the wall, go belly up, come a cropper, flop, flatline

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