Synonyms of butt in English:



  • she butted him in the chest
    ram, headbutt, bunt;
    bump, buffet, push, thrust, shove, prod, knock;
    Northern English tup
  • Phrases

    butt in

    he butted in on our conversation
    [Antonyms] keep out (of)
    interrupt, break in, cut in, chime in, interject, interpose, intervene;
    British informal chip in

    Definition of butt in:

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    Synonyms of butt in English:



  • she had just been made the butt of a joke
    target, victim, object, subject, recipient, laughing stock, Aunt Sally
  • Definition of butt in:

    Synonyms of butt in English:



  • 1 the butt of a gun
    stock, shaft, shank, end, handle, hilt, haft, grip, helve
  • 2 a cigarette butt
    stub, end, tail end, stump, remnant, remains, remainder
    informal fag end, dog end
  • 3North American informal he was just sitting on his butt doing nothing See bottom (sense 6) of the noun)
  • verb

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  • the shop butted up against the row of houses
    adjoin, abut, butt up to, be next to, be adjacent to, border (on), neighbour, verge on, bound on, be contiguous with, be connected to, communicate with, link up with, extend as far as, extend to;
    join, conjoin, connect with/to, touch, meet
    [Antonyms] be separate from
  • Definition of butt in: