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Synonyms of call in English:


  • 1 ‘Wait for me!’ she called
  • 2 I got so tired, Mum had to call me at least three times every morning
    wake up, wake, awaken, waken, rouse
    British informalknock up
  • 3 I'll call you tomorrow
    phone, telephone, get on the phone to, get someone on the phone, dial, make/place a call to, get, reach;
    British informalgive someone a bell, bell, give someone a tinkle, get on the blower to
    North American informalget someone on the horn
  • 4 you'd better call the doctor Rose called a taxi
    summon, send for, ask for;
  • 5 he called at Ashgrove Cottage on his way home
    pay a visit to, pay a brief visit to, visit, pay a call on, call in on, look in on
    informaldrop in on, drop by, stop by, pop into
  • 6 the prime minister called a meeting of senior cabinet ministers there was no alternative but to call a general election
    convene, summon, call together, order, assemble;
    arrange, arrange a time/date for;
    announce, declare
  • 7 they called their daughter Hannah
    (be called)answer to the name of, go by the name of
  • 8 he's the only person I would call a friend
    describe as, regard as, look on as, consider to be, judge to be, think of as, class as, categorize as
  • Phrases

    call for

  • 1 desperate times call for desperate measures
    require, need, necessitate, make necessary, demand;
    be grounds for, justify, warrant, be a justification/reason for;
  • 2 I'll call for you around seven
    pick up, collect, fetch, go/come to get, come for
  • call something into question

    the safety of milk was never really called into question
    [Antonyms] trust
    doubt, distrust, mistrust, suspect, lack confidence in, have doubts about, be suspicious of, have suspicions about, have misgivings about, feel uneasy about, feel apprehensive about, cast doubt on, query, question, challenge, dispute, have reservations about

    call something off

    the proposed tour to Australia was called off
    cancel, abandon, shelve, scrap, drop, mothball
    informalaxe, scrub, scratch, nix
    North American informalredline

    call on

  • 1 I thought I might call on her later today
    visit, pay a visit to, pay a call on, go and see, look in on;
    North American visit with, go see
    informallook up, drop in on, pop in on
  • 2 he called on the government to hold a plebiscite
  • 3 we are able to call on academic staff with a wide variety of expertise
  • call the shots

    directors call the shots and nothing happens on set without their say-so
    be in charge, be in control, be in command, be the boss, be at the helm, be in the driving seat, be at the wheel, be in the saddle, pull the strings, hold the purse strings
    British informalwear the trousers

    call to mind

  • 1 the still lifes call to mind Cézanne's works
    evoke, put one in mind of, recall, bring to mind, call up, summon up, conjure up;
    echo, allude to
  • 2 I cannot call to mind where I have seen you
    Scottish mind
    archaicbethink oneself of
  • call someone up

  • 1 informal Roland called me up at the crack of dawn
    phone, telephone, call, get on the phone to, get someone on the phone, dial, make/place a call to, get, reach;
    British informalgive someone a bell, bell, give someone a tinkle, get on the blower to
    North American informalget someone on the horn
  • 2 they have called up more than 20,000 reservists
  • 3 he was called up for England's final Test at the Oval
    select, pick, choose;
    British cap
  • noun

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  • 1 I heard calls of ‘Come on Steve’ from the auditorium
  • 2 the call of the water rail
    cry, song, sound
  • 3 I'll give you a call tomorrow
    British ring
    British informalbell, tinkle
  • 4 later that day, he paid a call on Harold Shoesmith
    visit, social call
  • 5 the President issued a call for party unity
    appeal, request, plea, entreaty;
    demand, order, command
  • 6 the last call for passengers on flight BA701
    summons, request
  • 7 there's no call for that kind of language
    need, necessity, occasion, reason, justification, grounds, excuse, pretext;
  • 8 there's no call for expensive wine here
    demand, desire, want, requirement, need;
  • 9 walkers can't resist the call of the Cairngorms
  • Phrases

    on call

    one of the team will be on call around the clock
    on duty, on standby, standing by, ready, available

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