Synonyms of card in English:



  • 1 paste it on a piece of stiff card
    cardboard, pasteboard, board, stiff paper
  • 2 I'll send her some flowers and a card
    greetings card, postcard, Christmas card, birthday card, good luck card, get well card, sympathy card
  • 3 she dug into her bag and produced her card
    identification, ID, credentials, papers; ID card, identification card, visiting card, business card, calling card
  • 4 she paid for the goods with her card
  • 5 the cards were dealt for the last hand
    playing card; plain card, picture card, tarot card; Britishcourt card; North Americanface card; (cards)pack of cards
  • Phrases

    give someone their cards

    British informal the firm has just given 74,000 workers their cards
    [Antonyms] employ take on
    dismissgive someone their noticethrow outget rid oflay offmake redundantlet someone godischargecashier informalsackgive someone the sackfirekick outboot outgive someone the bootgive someone their marching ordersgive someone the bulletgive someone the (old) heave-hogive someone the elbowgive someone the pushshow someone the doorsend packingBritish informalturf out datedout

    on the cards

    informal a decisive victory was on the cards
    [Antonyms] unlikely out of the question
    likelypossibleprobableexpectedliable to happenin the windin the airin the offingon the horizonin viewin prospectin storeto come

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