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  • 1 the cause of the fire has not been found
    source, root, origin, beginning(s), starting point, seed, germ, genesis, agency, occasion; mainspring, base, basis, foundation, bottom, seat; originator, author, creator, producer, agent, prime mover, maker; Latinfons et origo
    rare radix
    [Antonyms] effect, result
  • 2 there is no cause for alarm
    reason, grounds, justification, call, need, necessity, occasion, basis, motive, motivation, inducement, excuse, pretext, purpose, stimulus, provocation
  • 3 aid projects must serve the cause of human rights I am raising money for a good cause
    principle, ideal, belief (in), conviction, tenet; object, end, aim, objective, purpose, interest; movement, enterprise, undertaking, charity
  • 4 he visited Germany to plead his cause with politicians
    case, suit, lawsuit, action, dispute, contention, point of view
  • verb

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  • this disease can cause blindness
    [Antonyms] result from
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    -genic suffix meaning ‘causing ...’, as in carcinogenic, iatrogenic
    -facient suffix meaning ‘causing ...’, as in abortifacient, liquefacient

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