Synonyms of certain in English:



  • 1 I'm certain he's guilty
    sure, confident, positive, convinced, in no doubt, unshaken in one's belief, secure in one's belief, easy in one's mind, satisfied, assured, persuaded;
    (be certain)have no doubt, not question, hold the unwavering view
    [Antonyms] doubtful
  • 2 it is certain that more changes are in the offing
    [Antonyms] unthinkable, doubtful, possible
  • 3 they are certain to win
    sure, very likely, bound, destined, predestined, fated, trusted, assured of doing something
    British informal nailed on
    [Antonyms] unlikely
  • 4 Pakistan's lead of 380 runs meant certain success
    inevitable, assured, destined, predestined, fated;
    reliable, unavoidable, inescapable, automatic, bound to happen, sure to happen, unpreventable, inexorable, ineluctable, predictable, necessary, out of one's hands
    informal in the bag
  • 5 there is no certain cure for this
    reliable, dependable, trustworthy, sound, foolproof, tested, tried and tested, effective, efficacious, guaranteed, sure, unfailing, infallible, unerring
    informal sure-fire
    dated sovereign
    [Antonyms] unreliable
  • 6 a certain sum of money is required
    determined, definite, fixed, established, precise, defined, exact, explicit, express
    [Antonyms] undefined
  • 7 a certain lady that you know
    particular, specific, individual, special, especial
    [Antonyms] nameless, undifferentiated, general
  • 8 to a certain extent that is true
    moderate, modest, medium, middling, unexceptional;
    limited, small
    [Antonyms] great
  • Phrases

    make certain

    make certain that storage and access areas are of adequate size for any power equipment used
    make sure, ensure, see to it;
    confirm, check, verify, corroborate, establish

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    certain, sure, positive, convinced, definite
    See sure

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