Synonyms of chafe in English:



  • 1 the collar chafed his neck
    abrade, graze, grate, rub against, rub painfully, gall, skin, scrape, scratch, rasp;
    rare excoriate
  • 2 I chafed her feet and wrapped the blanket around her
    rub, warm, warm up
  • 3 material chafed by the rock
    wear away, wear down, wear out, wear to shreds, fray, tatter, erode, abrade, scour, rasp, scrape away, gnaw away at, bite into
  • 4 the bank chafed at the restrictions imposed on it
    be impatient, be angry, be annoyed, be irritated, be incensed, be exasperated, be frustrated;
    fume, brood, fuss, upset oneself
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