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Synonyms of charge in English:


  • 1 he didn't charge much for her flat
    ask in payment, ask, fix a charge, fix a price, impose, levy;
    expect, demand, exact;
    bill, invoice
  • 2 the subscription price will be charged to your account annually
    [Antonyms] credit to
  • 3 two men from London were charged with affray
    prosecute for, try for, bring to trial for, put on trial for;
    blame for, hold accountable for, implicate in;
    North American  impeach for
    archaic inculpate
    [Antonyms] absolve
  • 4 they charged him with writing a history of the Ottoman dynasty
    burden, encumber, hamper, saddle, tax, weigh, weigh down, load
  • 5 their mounted cavalry charged the advancing tanks
    attack, storm, rush, assault, assail, open fire on, fall on, set upon, swoop on, descend on, fly at, make an onslaught on, make a raid on;
    take by storm, attempt to capture
    informal lay into, tear into
  • 6 riot police charged into the crowd
    rush, move quickly, storm, stampede, career, tear, push, plough, swoop, dive, lunge, launch oneself, throw oneself, go headlong
    informal steam
    North American informal barrel
    [Antonyms] retreat
  • 7 please see to it that your glasses are charged the guns were charged and primed
    fill, fill up, fill to the brim, top up, stock;
    load, load up, pack, plug, arm, prepare to fire
    [Antonyms] empty
  • 8 his work was charged with a kind of demonic energy
    suffuse, pervade, permeate, saturate, infuse, imbue, impregnate, inform, infect, inject, fill, load, instil, inspire, affect
  • 9 I charge you to stop this course of action
    literary bid
  • noun

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  • 1 customers pay a charge for the water consumed all bus rides were free of charge
    fee, price, tariff, amount, sum, figure, fare, rate, payment, toll, levy;
    cost, expense, expenditure, outlay, dues
  • 2 his client would be pleading not guilty to the charge
    accusation, allegation, indictment, arraignment, citation, imputation;
    blame, incrimination;
    North American  impeachment
    North American informal beef
    archaic inculpation
  • 3 Miles mustered the 5th Infantry for a charge
    attack, assault, offensive, onslaught, offence, drive, push, thrust, onrush, sortie, sally, swoop, foray, raid, invasion, incursion, campaign;
    German blitzkrieg;
    Italian razzia
    archaic onset
    [Antonyms] retreat
  • 4 he put Gabriel in the charge of his daughter
  • 5 his charge was to save the paper from bankruptcy
    directive, brief, briefing, instruction
    British informal pigeon
    dated office
  • 6 I am concerned for the safety of my charge
    pupil, trainee, apprentice, mentee;
    [Antonyms] guardian
  • 7 the judge gave a painstakingly careful charge to the jury
  • 8North American informal I get a real charge out of working hard
    thrill, tingle, glow;
    excitement, stimulation, fun, enjoyment, amusement, pleasure, gratification
    informal kick, buzz, high
  • Phrases

    in charge of
    he was in charge of his father's printing works
    responsible for, in control of, at the helm of, in the driving seat of, at the wheel of;
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