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Synonyms of child in English:


  • I've known Kate since she was a child his wife gave birth to their first child
    baby, newborn, infant, toddler;
    schoolboy, schoolgirl, adolescent, teenager, youth, young man, young woman, young lady, young person, young adult, juvenile, minor, junior;
    stripling, fledgling, whippersnapper;
    son, daughter, son and heir, scion, descendant;
    (childrenoffspring, progeny, issue
    technical neonate
    Scottish & Northern English  bairn, wean, laddie, lassie;
    West Indian  pickney
    informal kid, kiddie, kiddiewink, nipper, tot, tiny, tiny tot, shaver, young 'un, lad, lass, teen, teenybopper
    British informal sprog
    North American informal rug rat
    Australian/New Zealand informal ankle-biter
    derogatory brat, chit, urchin, guttersnipe
    literary babe, babe in arms
    archaic hobbledehoy
  • Word links

    paedo- related prefix
    paedophobia fear of children
    paediatrics branch of medicine dealing with children
    infanticide killing of a young child
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