Synonyms of chip in English:



  • 1 wood chips
    fragment, piece, bit;
    scrap, snippet, flake;
    Scottish skelf
    technical gallet, spall
  • 2 a glass with a chip in the bottom
    nick, crack, snick, scratch;
    flaw, fault
  • 3 fish and chips
    (chips)chipped potatoes, potato chips, game chips;
    North American French fries
  • 4 gambling chips
    counter, token, disc, jetton;
    North American check
  • verb

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  • 1 the teacup was chipped and dirty
    nick, crack, snick, scratch;
  • 2 the plaster had chipped and no repairs had been done
    break (off), crack, fragment, crumble
  • 3 it required a craftsman to chip the blocks of flint to the required shape
  • Phrases

    chip in

  • 1 ‘He's right,’ Gloria chipped in
    interrupt, cut in, chime in, break in, interject, interpose, butt in
  • 2 parents, pupils, and staff chipped in to help raise the cash the firm chipped in nearly £100,000 in sponsorship
    contribute, donate, give, make a contribution/donation, hand over, pay;
    club together
    informal fork out, shell out, lay out, come across with, cough up
    British informal stump up, have a whip-round
    North American informal kick in, pony up
  • Definition of chip in:

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