Synonyms of clamp in English:



  • 1 a clamp holds the pieces of wood at right angles
    brace, vice, press;
    clasp, fastener, bracket, holdfast;
    Music mute, capo, capo tasto;
    Climbing jumar
  • 2 clamps had been fitted to the car's back wheels
    North American boot
  • verb

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  • 1 the sander is clamped on to the edge of a workbench
    fasten, secure, fix, clip, attach, make fast;
  • 2 an empty pipe was clamped between his teeth
  • 3 yesterday, the government clamped a curfew on the city
    impose, inflict
    informal clap, slap
  • 4 he flew into a rage when he found his car was clamped
    immobilize, wheel-clamp;
    North American boot
  • Phrases

    clamp down on

    a new initiative to clamp down on software piracy
    suppress, prevent, stop, put a stop to, put an end to, stamp out;
    crack down on, come down hard on, limit, restrain, restrict, check, keep in check, control, keep under control

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