Synonyms of class in English:



  • 1 it was good accommodation for a hotel of this class
  • 2 a new class of heart drug
    kind, sort, type, order, variety, genre, brand; species, genus, family, generation, breed, strain, denomination; stamp, ilk, kidney, style, cast, grain, mould; North Americanstripe
    technical phylum
  • 3 the middle class there is no discrimination on the basis of sex, class, or ethnic origin
    social division, social order, social stratum, rank, level, echelon, group, grouping, set, caste; social status, position/standing in society, social hierarchy, pecking order; Hinduismvarna
    archaic estate, sphere, condition, degree
  • 4 selected pupils act as representatives for the whole class
    form, study group, school group, set, stream, band; year; North Americangrade
  • 5 a maths class
    lesson, period, period of instruction; seminar, tutorial, workshop
  • 6 informal a woman of class the place had real class
    style, stylishness, elegance, chic, sophistication, taste, refinement; quality, excellence, distinction, merit, prestige; Frenchsavoir faire, savoir vivre
    humorous couth
  • verb

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  • the 12-seater is classed as a commercial vehicle
    classify, categorize, group, grade, rate, type; order, sort, codify, file, index; bracket, designate, brand, mark down, label, pigeonhole; characterize; Medicinetriage
  • adjective

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