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Synonyms of clear in English:


  • 1 the book gives clear instructions for carrying out various DIY tasks
    understandable, comprehensible, intelligible, easy to understand, plain, direct, uncomplicated, explicit, lucid, perspicuous, coherent, logical, distinct, simple, straightforward, clearly expressed, unambiguous, clear-cut, crystal clear, accessible, user-friendly;
    [Antonyms] vague, unclear
  • 3 a beautiful lagoon of clear water
    [Antonyms] opaque, murky
  • 4 a clear blue sky
    [Antonyms] cloudy
  • 5 her clear complexion
    unblemished, spot-free;
    [Antonyms] pimply, spotty
  • 6 Rosa's clear voice
    [Antonyms] muffled
  • 7 the road was clear Christina had a clear view of Stephen's face
    unobstructed, unblocked, passable, unimpeded, open, empty, free, unlimited, unrestricted, unhindered
    [Antonyms] obstructed, limited
  • 8 the algae were clear of toxins
    free, devoid, empty, vacant, void;
    rid, relieved;
    without, unaffected by, no longer affected by
  • 9 I left the house with a clear conscience
    untroubled, undisturbed, unworried, unperturbed, unconcerned, unbothered, with no qualms;
    innocent, guiltless, guilt-free, blameless, clean, sinless, stainless, unimpeachable, irreproachable
    [Antonyms] guilty
  • 10 two clear days' notice is required
    whole, full, entire, complete, total, solid, round, unbroken
    [Antonyms] partial
  • adverb

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  • 1 an indicator told them to stand clear of the doors
    away from, apart from, beyond, at a distance from, at a safe distance from, out of contact with
    [Antonyms] close to
  • 2 Tommy's voice came loud and clear from the row behind
    [Antonyms] indistinctly
  • 3 he will have time to get clear away
  • verb

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  • 1 the sky cleared briefly the weather was clearing
    brighten (up), lighten, become light, light up, break, clear up, become bright/brighter/lighter, become fine, become sunny
    [Antonyms] darken
  • 2 the drizzle had cleared, leaving the evening fine
    disappear, go away, melt away, vanish, end;
  • 3 shops have cleared the shelves of anything that could offend the public together they cleared the table
    free, rid, strip, unload, unburden
    [Antonyms] fill
  • 4 plumbers' tools for clearing drains
    [Antonyms] block
  • 5 he warned the staff to clear the building
    evacuate, empty, make empty, make vacant;
  • 6 Karen cleared the dirty plates
  • 7 at the moment I'm clearing debts
    pay off, pay, repay, settle, discharge, square, make good, honour, defray, satisfy, account for, remit, liquidate
    [Antonyms] run up
  • 8 I cleared the bar at my first attempt
  • 9 he was jailed for possessing drugs, but was later cleared by an appeal court
    acquit, declare innocent, find not guilty;
    [Antonyms] convict
  • 10 I was cleared to work on the atomic project
    authorize, give permission, permit, allow, pass, accept, endorse, license, sanction, give approval to, give one's seal of approval to, give consent to
    informalOK, give the OK, give the thumbs up, give the green light, give the go-ahead
    [Antonyms] veto
  • 11 I hoped to clear £50,000 profit from each match
    net, make a profit of, realize a profit of, take home, pocket;
    gain, earn, make, get, acquire, secure, reap, bring in, pull in, be paid
    informalrake in
    [Antonyms] spend
  • Phrases

    clear off

    informal Clear off! You're trespassing!
    [Antonyms] stay
    go away, get out, leave;
    be off with you!, shoo!, make yourself scarce!, on your way!
    informalbeat it, push off, clear out, shove off, scram, scoot, skedaddle, buzz off
    British informalhop it, sling your hook
    Australian/New Zealand informalrack off
    North American informalbug off, take a hike
    South African informalvoetsak, hamba
    vulgar slangpiss off, bugger off

    clear out

    informal get everyone to clear out of the building as quickly as possible See leave1 (sense 1)

    clear something out

  • 1 we had to clear out the junk room to make a nursery for James
    empty, empty out, void, make vacant;
    tidy, tidy up, clear up, clean
  • 2 clear out the rubbish as you go
    get rid of, throw out/away, discard, dispose of, dump, bin, scrap, do away with, jettison, eject, eliminate, throw on the scrapheap
    British informalget shot of
    North American informaltrash
  • clear the air

    that conversation cleared the air somehow
    restore harmony, make peace, reconcile differences;

    clear up

    the weather had cleared up See clear (sense 1 of the verb), clear (sense 2 of the verb)

    clear something up

  • 1 clear up the garden before you go
    tidy, tidy up, put in order, straighten up, clean up, put to rights, make shipshape, spruce up
  • 2 I'm glad we've cleared up that little problem
    solve, resolve, straighten out, find an/the answer to, answer, find the key to, decipher, break, get to the bottom of, make head or tail of, piece together, explain, expound;
    unravel, untangle, elucidate
    informalcrack, figure out, suss out
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