Synonyms of clip in English:

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clip 1


  • 1 he opened the clip, resting the briefcase on his knee
  • 2 a diamanté clip
  • 3 he pulled the trigger twice, but his clip was empty
    magazine, cartridge, cylinder
  • verb

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  • he clipped the pages together and slipped them into a file
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    Synonyms of clip in English:

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    clip 2


  • 1 I was clipping the hedges
    trim, cut, cut short/shorter, snip, prune, shorten, crop, shear, shave, pare;
  • 2 simply clip the coupon below
    remove, cut out, snip out, detach, extract, tear out
  • 3 his lorry clipped a van as it overturned
    hit, strike, make contact with, touch, brush, graze, glance off, tap, run into, bang into, crack into/against
  • 4 Maggie clipped his ear, making him yell
    informal clout, whack, wallop, belt, clobber, bop, biff, sock
    Scottish & Northern English informal skelp
  • noun

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  • 1 I gave him a full clip
  • 2 a clip from an old black-and-white film
    extract, excerpt, snippet, selection, cutting, fragment;
    scene, moment;
  • 3 informal if he didn't shut up he might get a clip round the ear
  • 4 informal the truck was speeding along at a good clip
    speed, rate, pace, velocity, tempo, momentum
    informal lick, fair old rate
  • Phrases

    clip someone's wings
    some MPs are eager to clip the Prime Minister's wings
    restrict someone's freedom, check, curb, set/impose limits on, keep within bounds, keep under control, obstruct, impede, frustrate, thwart, stand in the way of, fetter, hamstring
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