Synonyms of clown in English:



  • 1 a circus clown
    comic entertainer, Pierrot, comedian
    historical jester, fool, zany, harlequin, merry andrew, Punchinello
  • 2 I was always the class clown
    joker, comedian, comic, humorist, wag, wit, funny man/woman/girl, prankster, jester, jokester, buffoon, character
    informal case, hoot, scream, laugh, kidder, wisecracker, riot, barrel of laughs
    Australian/New Zealand informal hard case
    informal , dated card, caution
  • 3 the department is staffed with bureaucratic clowns
  • verb

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  • Harvey clowned around, pretending to be a dog
    fool around/about, play the fool, act foolishly, act the clown/fool/goat, play about/around, monkey about/around, play tricks, indulge in horseplay, engage in high jinks; joke, jest
    British informal muck about/around
    North American informal cut up
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