Synonyms of common in English:



  • 1 he gained a massive following among the common folk
    ordinary, normal, typical, average, unexceptional, run-of-the-mill, plain, simple
  • 2 this booklet answers the most common questions asked a very common art form
    usual, ordinary, customary, habitual, familiar, regular, frequent, repeated, recurrent, routine, everyday, daily, day-to-day, quotidian, standard, typical;
    conventional, stock, stereotyped, predictable, commonplace, mundane, run-of-the-mill
    literary wonted
    [Antonyms] unusual
  • 3 it is a common belief that elephants have long memories
    in circulation, in force, in vogue
    [Antonyms] rare
  • 4 they work together for the common good
    [Antonyms] private, individual
  • 5 the fishermen's wives were far too common for my mother
    uncouth, vulgar, coarse, rough, unsavoury, boorish, rude, impolite, ill-mannered, unladylike, ungentlemanly, ill-bred, uncivilized, unsophisticated, unrefined, philistine, primitive, savage, brutish, oafish, gross;
    lowly, low, low-born, low-ranking, low-class, inferior, humble, ignoble, proletarian, plebeian
    British informal common as muck
    archaic baseborn
    [Antonyms] refined, noble
  • noun

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  • British informal use a bit of common! See common sense
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