Synonyms of complaint in English:



  • 1 they lodged a complaint with the European Commission
    protest, protestation, objection, remonstrance, statement of dissatisfaction, grievance, charge, accusation, criticism; cavil, quibble, grumble, moan, whine
    informal beef, gripe, grouse, grouch, whinge
    Law, Britishplaint
  • 2 there appears to be little cause for complaint
    protesting, protestation, objection, exception, grievance, grumbling, carping, whining, moaning, muttering, murmuring; criticism, fault-finding, condemnation, disapproval, dissatisfaction, fulmination, outcry, fuss
    Northern English informal mithering
  • 3 the patient has a kidney complaint
    disorder, disease, infection, affliction, illness, ailment, sickness, malady, malaise, infirmity, indisposition, weakness, condition, problem, upset; trouble
    informal bug, virus
    British informal lurgy
    Australian informal wog
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