Synonyms of content in English:

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content 1

Pronunciation: stress on the second syllable


  • she seemed content with her lot in life
    happy, cheerful, cheery, glad, delighted;
    tranquil, unworried, untroubled, at ease, at peace, comfortable, serene, placid, complacent
    [Antonyms] discontented, dissatisfied
  • verb

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  • her reply seemed to content him
    soothe, pacify, placate, appease, please, mollify, make happy, satisfy, still, quieten, silence
  • Phrases

    content oneself
    too confused to argue, she contented herself with a nod
    be content, be satisfied, satisfy oneself;
    be fulfilled, be gratified, be pleased, be happy, be glad


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  • she stood for a moment looking with content at her husband See contentment
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    Synonyms of content in English:

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    content 2
    Pronunciation: stress on the first syllable


  • 1 many restaurant meals are low in fibre content
    amount, proportion, quantity, bulk, total, quota
    rare quantum
  • 2 just as the novel's form is radical, so too is its content
    subject matter, subject, theme, burden, gist, argument, thesis, message, point, thrust, substance, matter, material, text, ideas
    [Antonyms] style
  • 3 (contents) she went to examine the contents of the hamper
    things inside, content, load
    informal guts, innards
  • 4 (contents) the book's list of contents he picked up the letter and scanned its contents
    subject matter, subjects, themes, matter, substance, material, text;
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