Synonyms of contention in English:



  • 1 there were a number of points of contention between the Crown and Parliament
    disagreement, dispute, disputation, argument, variance; discord, hostility, conflict, friction, acrimony, enmity, strife, dissension, disharmony, quarrelling, feuding
    [Antonyms] agreement
  • 2 her contention is that this event was the result of a conspiracy
    argument, claim, plea, submission, allegation; opinion, stand, position, view, belief, thesis, hypothesis, case, postulation; declaration, assertion, affirmation, pronouncement, announcement, statement
  • Phrases

    in contention

    he is in contention for a first-team placein competitioncompetingcontestingcontendingchallengingvyingstrivingstrugglingtusslinggrapplingbattlingfightingwarring

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