Synonyms of contest in English:



Pronunciation: stress on the first syllable
  • 1 a boxing contest
  • 2 a leadership contest
    struggle, conflict, confrontation, collision, clash, battle, fight, combat, tussle, skirmish, duel, race
  • verb

    Pronunciation: stress on the second syllable
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  • 1 he made known his intention to contest the seat
  • 2 the elections were contested by fifteen parties
    compete in, contend in, fight in, battle in, enter, take part in, be a competitor in, participate in, put one's name down for, go in for
  • 3 we contested the decision vigorously
    oppose, object to, challenge, dispute, take a stand against, resist, defy, strive/struggle against, take issue with;
    question, call into question, doubt;
    [Antonyms] agree with
  • 4 those conclusions which are not based on published research need to be contested
    debate, argue about, dispute, quarrel over
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