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Synonyms of contract in English:


  • stress on the first syllable a legally binding contract
  • verb

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  • 1 glass, like other substances, contracts as it cools the market for such goods began to contract
    shrink, get smaller, become smaller;
    [Antonyms] expand, increase
  • 2 her stomach muscles contracted the exercises contract the knee muscles
    tighten, become/make tighter, tense, flex, constrict, draw in, become/make narrower, narrow
    [Antonyms] relax
  • 3 Mrs Thornton contracted her brow
    wrinkle, knit, crease, corrugate;
    purse, pucker
  • 4 the name ‘Jacquenard’ was soon contracted to ‘Jack’ in English
    [Antonyms] expand, lengthen
  • 5 the company contracted to purchase 390 acres of forest
    undertake, pledge, promise, covenant, commit oneself, engage;
    agree, enter into an agreement, reach an agreement, make a deal, negotiate a deal
  • 6 she contracted German measles
    develop, catch, get, pick up, come down with, become infected with, fall ill with, be taken ill with, be struck down with, be stricken with, succumb to;
    British  go down with
    informal take ill with
    North American informal take sick with
  • 7 he contracted a debt of £3,300
    incur, become liable to pay, acquire, fall into;
    run up
  • Phrases

    contract out
    if you do not wish to be a member of the pension fund you must contract out
    opt out, leave, exclude oneself, withdraw, pull out, exit
    contract something out
    local authorities will have to contract out waste management
    subcontract, outsource, farm out, assign to others
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