Synonyms of cook in English:



  • 1 I decided to cook a romantic dinner
    prepare, make, get, put together; bake
    informal fix, knock up, rustle up
  • 2 informal he was accused of cooking the books
    falsify, alter, doctor, tamper with, interfere with, massage, manipulate, rig, misrepresent; forge
    British informal fiddle
  • 3 informal hey there, Rob, what's cooking?
    happen, go on, occur, take place
    North American informal go down
  • Phrases

    cook something up

    he'd already cooked up a little plan to entice Jessica to go with himconcoctdeviseput togethercreatecontrivefabricatepreparetrump uphatchbrewplotplanschemeinventmake upthink updream up

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