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Synonyms of copulate in English:


  • formal zebra finches copulate frequently they believed that witches copulated with the devil
    mate, couple, breed;
    have sex, have sexual intercourse, make love, sleep together, go to bed
    informal do it, do the business, go all the way, make whoopee, have one's way, bed, know someone in the biblical sense, tumble
    British informal bonk, get one's oats
    North American informal boff, get it on
    euphemistic be intimate
    vulgar slang fuck, screw, bang, lay, get one's leg over, shaft, dick, frig, do, have, hump, poke, shtup, dip one's wick, ride, service, tup
    British vulgar slang have it away, have it off, shag, knob, get one's end away, knock someone off, give someone one, roger, grind, stuff
    Scottish vulgar slang podger
    North American vulgar slang ball, jump, jump someone's bones, bone, pork, diddle, nail
    Australian/New Zealand vulgar slang root
    archaic lie together, possess, swive, know
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