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Synonyms of copy in English:


  • 1 copies of his report had been sent to the tribunal
    informal dupe
    trademark Xerox, photostat
  • 2 a copy of a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci
    replica, reproduction, replication, print, imitation, likeness, lookalike, representation, mock-up, dummy;
    informal pirate, phoney, knock-off, dupe
  • 3 I checked my dad's original copy of the book
    edition, version, impression, imprint, issue;
    specimen, sample, example
  • 4 it is an unfortunate truth that bad news makes good copy
  • verb

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  • 1 each form had to be copied and sent to a different editor
    duplicate, photocopy, xerox, photostat, mimeograph, make a photocopy of, take a photocopy of, run off;
    transcribe, reproduce, replicate, clone
  • 2 the portraits are copied from original paintings by Reynolds
    reproduce, replicate;
  • 3 their sound was copied by a lot of jazz players
    imitate, mimic, ape, emulate, follow, echo, mirror, simulate, parrot, reproduce;
    plagiarize, poach, steal, ‘borrow’, infringe the copyright of
    informal pirate, rip off, crib, lift
    British informal nick, pinch
    archaic monkey
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