Synonyms of core in English:



  • 1 they plan to harness the heat from the earth's core
    centre, interior, middle, nucleus, bosom; recesses, bowels, depths
    informal innards
    literary midst
  • 2 this new paper goes to the core of the argument
    heart, nucleus, nub, hub, kernel, marrow, meat; essence, quintessence, crux, gist, pith, substance, sum and substance, body, basis; bedrock, cornerstone, linchpin, mainspring, foundation, root, base, underpinning; fundamentals, essentials, basic principles, main ingredients; heart of the matter
    informal nitty-gritty, brass tacks, nuts and bolts, ABC, basics
  • adjective

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  • the core issue here is that of urban poverty
    [Antonyms] peripheral, minor
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