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  • 1 the answer he gave was perfectly correct
    right, accurate, true, veracious, exact, precise, unerring, faithful, strict, faultless, flawless, errorless, error-free, perfect, word-perfect, scrupulous, meticulous; on the right track, along the right lines
    British informal spot on, bang on
    North American informal on the money
    [Antonyms] incorrect wrong
  • 2 she wondered whether it was the correct thing to say
    proper, seemly, decorous, decent, respectable, right, suitable, fit, fitting, befitting, appropriate, apt; conventional, approved, accepted, standard, usual, customary, traditional, orthodox; Frenchcomme il faut
    informal OK
    [Antonyms] improper
  • verb

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  • 1 proofread your work and correct any mistakes you find
    rectify, put right, set right, right, amend, emend, remedy, redress, cure, square, make good, improve, better, ameliorate, repair, revise, alter, edit, rewrite, redraft, rescript, reword, rework; sort out, clear up, deal with
  • 2 all homework should be corrected by your teacher
    indicate errors in, show mistakes in, point out faults in; mark, assess, evaluate, appraise
  • 3 it is important that a vitamin deficiency is corrected by good diet
  • 4 motorists can have their headlights corrected at a reduced price
    adjust, regulate, fix, set, set right, set to rights, standardize, normalize, calibrate, fine-tune, make good, put in working order, overhaul
    informal jigger, tweak, twiddle, patch up, see to
  • 5 ‘Courtesy if you please,’ he corrected her
    scold, rebuke, chide, reprimand, reprove, admonish, lecture, berate, chastise, castigate
    [Antonyms] praise
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