Synonyms of counter in English:

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counter 1


  • 1 he left his groceries on the counter
    worktop, work surface, worktable, table, bench, buffet, top, horizontal surface;
    checkout, bar, stand
  • 2 the idea of the game is to collect the most counters
    token, chip, disc, jetton;
    piece, man, marker, wafer;
    North American  check
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    Synonyms of counter in English:

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    counter 2


  • the workers countered accusations of dishonesty with claims of oppression
    parry, hit back at, answer, respond to, retort to, contradict, negate;
    ward off, fend off, stave off, deflect, rebuff, rebut, repel, repulse, hold at bay;
    combat, fight, attack, tackle, confront, stand up to, put up a fight against, oppose, resist, dispute, argue against;
    informal shoot full of holes, blow sky high
    formal gainsay
    rare controvert, confute, negative
    [Antonyms] support
  • adjective

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  • after years of argument and counter argument there is no conclusive answer
    [Antonyms] complementary
  • adverb

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  • the policy would run counter to EC plans
    against, in opposition to, contrary to, at variance with, in defiance of, in contravention of, contrarily, contrariwise, conversely;
    against the tide, in the opposite direction, in the reverse direction, in the wrong direction
    [Antonyms] in accordance with
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