Synonyms of creation in English:



  • 1 he embarked on the creation of an outstanding garden
    design, formation, forming, modelling, putting together, setting up, making, construction, constructing, fabrication, fabricating, fashioning, building, erection, erecting; production, generation, origination, devising, invention, initiation, inception, shaping, hatching
    [Antonyms] destruction
  • 2 Aten was a universal god of all creation
    the world, the universe, the cosmos; the living world, the natural world, nature, life, living things
  • 3 the Constitution allowed for the creation of a second vice-president
    appointment, installation, investing, investiture, inauguration; establishment, foundation, institution
    [Antonyms] removal
  • 4 there is power associated with the creation and raising of children
    conception, bringing into the world, bringing into being, bringing into existence, fathering, siring, spawning, giving birth to; genesis, procreation; North Americanbirthing
    informal dropping
    literary begetting
  • 5 it was hard to distinguish between forgery and original creation
    work, work of art, achievement, production, opus, oeuvre, invention, handiwork, masterpiece, masterwork; Latinmagnum opus; Frenchchef-d'œuvre, pièce de résistance, tour de force
    informal brainchild
    rare opuscule
  • 6 she wore a creation by designer Marianne Jessica
    design, dress, outfit
    informal number
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    -geny related suffix, as in cosmogeny, ontogeny

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