Synonyms of critical in English:



  • 1 the safety committee produced a highly critical report
    [Antonyms] complimentary
  • 2 there was critical agreement among Renaissance specialists
  • 3 the hospital says her condition is critical
    life-and-death, life-threatening
    informal chancy, dicey, hairy, iffy
    British informal dodgy
    archaic or humorous parlous
    Medicine peracute, profound
    rare egregious
    [Antonyms] safe
  • 4 the choice of materials is critical for product safety
    crucial, vital, essential, of the essence, all-important, important, of the utmost importance, of great consequence, high-priority, paramount, pre-eminent, fundamental, key, pivotal, deciding, decisive, climacteric, momentous;
    [Antonyms] unimportant
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