Synonyms of cut in English:



  • 1 the knife slipped and cut his finger
    gash, slash, lacerate, slit, pierce, penetrate, wound, injure; scratch, graze, nick, snick, notch, incise, score; lance
  • 2 cut the red pepper into small pieces
    chop, cut up, slice, dice, cube, mince; carve; divide; North Americanhash
  • 3 they cut the rope before he choked he has cut his ties with the church
    sever, cleave, cut in two
    literary rend
    archaic sunder
    rare dissever
  • 4 she's had her hair cut cut back the new growth to about half its length
    trim, snip, clip, crop, bob, barber, shear, shave; pare; prune, pollard, poll, lop, dock; mow
  • 5 I went out into the garden to cut some flowers
    pick, pluck, gather; harvest, reap
    literary garner, cull
  • 6 she gazed at the lettering cut into the stonework
    carve, engrave, incise, etch, score; chisel, whittle
  • 7 the government is likely to cut public expenditure prices were cut by up to 15 per cent
    reduce, cut back/down on, decrease, lessen, retrench, diminish, trim, prune, slim down, ease up on; rationalize, downsize, slenderize, economize on; mark down, discount, lower
    informal slash, axe
    [Antonyms] increase
  • 8 the text has been substantially cut
    shorten, abridge, condense, abbreviate, truncate, pare down; edit; precis, summarize, synopsize; bowdlerize, expurgate
    rare epitomize
    [Antonyms] lengthen expand
  • 9 you need to cut at least ten lines per page
    [Antonyms] add
  • 10 oil supplies to the area had been cut
    discontinue, break off, suspend, interrupt; stop, end, put an end to
    [Antonyms] restore
  • 11 he brought the car to a halt and cut the engine
    turn off, switch off, shut off, deactivate
    informal kill
    [Antonyms] turn on
  • 12 the point where the line cuts the vertical axis
    cross, intersect, bisect; meet, join
    technical decussate
    [Antonyms] diverge
  • 13 dated even Mrs Blenkinsop, the banker's wife, cut her at church
    snub, ignore, shun, give someone the cold shoulder, cold-shoulder, turn one's back on, cut dead, look right through, pretend not to see; rebuff, spurn, ostracize; Britishsend to Coventry
    Australian informal snout
    informal , dated give someone the go-by
  • 14 he realized the remark had cut her
    hurt someone's feelings, hurt, wound, upset, distress, make unhappy, grieve, pain, sting, cut to the quick
  • 15 the demos which he cut for the recording company
    record, make a recording of, put on disc/tape, make a tape of, tape-record
    informal lay down
  • Phrases

    be cut out

    I don't think I'm cut out for this sort of workbe suitedbe suitablebe rightbe designedbe equippedbe qualified

    cut across

    a movement which cut across class barrierstranscendgo beyondrise above

    cut back

    some companies cut back on foreign investment we're going to have to cut backreducecutcut downdecreaselessenretrenchtrimpruneslim downscale downsalami-slicerationalizedownsizeeconomize onpull/draw in one's hornstighten one's belt informalslashaxe

    cut corners

    his staff complains that he is cutting corners to save money by putting ordinary cream cheese in the tiramisuskimpeconomizepinch pennies

    cut someone/something down

  • 1 24 hectares of trees were cut down
  • 2 Barker had been cut down by a sniper's bullet
  • cut and dried

    there were agreements which needed to be cut and dried
    [Antonyms] vague
    definitedecidedsettledexplicitspecificpreciseunambiguousclear-cutunequivocalblack and whitehard and fast

    cut in

    ‘It's urgent,’ Raoul cut ininterruptbutt inbreak ininterjectinterposechime inBritish informalchip in

    cut something off

  • 1 they cut off his finger
    sever, chop off, hack off; amputate
  • 2 Moscow threatened to cut off oil and gas supplies to Lithuania
    discontinue, break off, disconnect, interrupt, suspend; stop, end, bring to an end
    [Antonyms] restore
  • 3 a community cut off from the mainland by the surging flood waters
    isolate, separate, keep apart, keep away; seclude, closet, cloister, sequester
  • cut someone off

  • 1 Gabrielle's family cut her off without a penny
    disinherit, disown, repudiate, reject, have nothing more to do with, have done with, wash one's hands of
  • cut out

    both the lifeboat's engines cut outstop workingcease to functionstopfailgive outbreak downmalfunction informaldiegive up the ghostconk outgo on the blinkgo kaputBritish informalpack up

    cut someone/something out

  • 1 I cut his photograph out of the paper you need to cut out the diseased wood
    remove, take out, excise, extract; snip out, clip out
  • 2 it's best to cut out alcohol altogether when you're pregnant
    give up, refrain from, abstain from, go without, stop drinking/eating
    informal quit, leave off, pack in, lay off, knock off
  • 3 his mother cut him out of her will
    exclude, leave out, omit, eliminate
    [Antonyms] include
  • cut and run

    only cowards cut and runfleerunrun awayrun offmake a run for itrun for ittake flightbe gonemake offtake offtake to one's heelsmake a break for itboltbeat a (hasty) retreatmake a quick exitmake one's getawayescapeabsent oneselfmake oneself scarceabscondhead for the hillsdo a disappearing act informalbeat itclear offclear outvamooseskedaddlesplitleg itshow a clean pair of heelsturn tailscramBritish informaldo a runnerscarperdo a bunkNorth American informallight outbug outcut outpeel outtake a powderskidooAustralian informalgo throughshoot through vulgar slangbugger off archaicfly

    cut someone short

    Peter cut him shortinterruptcut offbutt in onbreak in on

    cut something short

    they decided to cut short their holiday
    [Antonyms] extend
    break offbring to a premature endleave unfinishedshortentruncatecurtailterminateendstopabortbring to an untimely end


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  • 1 blood ran from a cut on his jaw
  • 2 a cut of beef
    joint, piece, section, bit
  • 3 informal there wasn't much left after his agents took their cut
    share, portion, bit, quota, percentage; commission, dividend
    informal whack, slice of the cake, rake-off, piece of the action
  • 4 his hair was in need of a cut
    haircut, trim, clip, crop
  • 5 a smart cut of the whip
    blow, slash, stroke
    informal swipe
  • 6 he followed this with the unkindest cut of all
    insult, slight, affront, slap in the face, jibe, barb, cutting remark, shaft
    informal put-down, dig, brush-off
  • 7 a 20 per cent pay cut a cut in interest rates
    reduction, cutback, decrease, retrenchment, lessening, curtailment; North Americanrollback
    informal slash
    [Antonyms] increase
  • 8 fortunately the cut happened at night, and power was quickly restored
    power cut, loss of supply, interruption of supply, breakdown; blackout
  • 9 the elegant cut of his dinner jacket
    style, design; tailoring, lines, fit
  • Phrases

    a cut above

    informal he considered himself to be a cut above the restsuperior tomuch better than informalstreets ahead ofway ahead of the field/pack

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    -tomy related suffix, as in gastrotomy, anatomy
    -ectomy related suffix, as in hysterectomy, appendectomy

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