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Synonyms of dead in English:


  • 1 my parents are dead
    late, lost, lamented;
    lifeless, not breathing, having breathed one's last, defunct, extinct, inanimate, insentient, insensate, inert
    euphemistic with God, asleep, at peace
    [Antonyms] alive, living
  • 2 there are patches of dead ground on both sides of the plain
    barren, lifeless, bare, empty, desolate, sterile;
    without life, without living things
    [Antonyms] fertile, lush
  • 3 he is fluent in ancient Hebrew and other dead languages
    obsolete, extinct, defunct, discontinued, no longer in use, disused, fallen into disuse, lapsed, abandoned, discarded, superseded, vanished, forgotten;
    archaic, antiquated, fossilized, ancient, very old
    literary of yore
    [Antonyms] current, modern
  • 4 there was no dialling tone—the phone was dead
    not working, out of order, out of commission, inoperative, inactive, ineffective, in (a state of) disrepair, broken, broken-down, malfunctioning, defective
    informal kaput, conked out, on the blink, bust, busted, gone phut, finished, done for, dud
    British informal knackered, duff
    British vulgar slang buggered
    [Antonyms] in working order
  • 5 I gave him a dead leg
    numb, benumbed, deadened, desensitized, insensible, insensate, unfeeling;
    paralysed, crippled, incapacitated, immobilized, frozen, useless
  • 6 his voice was dead and cold she has dead eyes
    emotionless, unemotional, unfeeling, impassive, unresponsive, insensitive, indifferent, dispassionate, inexpressive, wooden, stony, cold, frigid, inert;
    deadpan, flat, toneless, hollow;
    [Antonyms] passionate
  • 7 his old affection for Alison was not quite dead
  • 8 this is such a dead town
    tedious, tiresome, wearisome;
    informal one-horse, dead-and-alive
    North American informal dullsville
    [Antonyms] lively
  • 9 there was dead silence in the room
    [Antonyms] partial
  • 10 Bill is a dead shot with a rifle or revolver
    unerring, unfailing, impeccable, sure, true, correct, accurate, exact, precise, direct;
    deadly, lethal;
    British  inch-perfect
    British informal spot on, bang on
    [Antonyms] poor
  • Phrases

    dead end
  • 1 the alley was a dead end
  • 2 his career has hit a dead end
    standstill, halt, stop, stoppage, full stop
  • dead loss
  • 1 the competition was a dead loss See failure (sense 2)
  • 2 he was a dead loss as a cook See failure (sense 3)
  • dead on one's feet
    I didn't stay long, as I was dead on my feet See exhausted (sense 1)


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  • 1 he was dead serious in his accusations
    definitely, certainly, positively, unconditionally, categorically, unquestionably, no doubt, undoubtedly, without a doubt, without question, surely, unequivocally;
    exactly, precisely, decisively, conclusively, manifestly, in every way, in every respect, one hundred per cent, every inch, to the hilt
    [Antonyms] partially
  • 2 red flares were seen dead ahead
  • 3British informal the windows are dead easy to open See very (adverb)
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