Synonyms of dear in English:



  • 1 my dear sister was talking about you only today he is a dear friend
    beloved, loved, much loved, darling, adored, cherished, precious; esteemed, respected, worshipped; close, intimate, confidential, bosom, boon, favourite, best
    [Antonyms] hated
  • 2 her belongings were too dear to entrust to sea transport
    precious, treasured, valued, prized, cherished, special, favourite, favoured
  • 3 your father was such a dear man
    endearing, adorable, lovable, appealing, engaging, charming, enchanting, captivating, winsome, winning, attractive, lovely, nice, pleasant, delightful, angelic, sweet, darling; North Americancunning; Italian & Spanishsimpatico; Frenchsympathique; Germansympatisch
    informal adorbs
    dated taking
    [Antonyms] disagreeable
  • 4 the dining car served rather dear meals
    expensive, costly, high-cost, high-priced, highly priced, overpriced, exorbitant, extortionate; immoderate, extravagant, lavish, valuable; Britishupmarket, over the odds
    informal pricey, steep, stiff
    [Antonyms] inexpensive
  • Phrases

    hold something/someone dear

    I may be about to lose all I hold dear he has a lot of friends whom he holds very dearcherishtreasureprizevalue highly


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  • 1 there's no need to worry, my dear
    darling, dearest, love, beloved, loved one, sweetheart, sweet, precious, treasure
    informal sweetie, sugar, honey, baby, babe, pet, sunshine, poppet
    archaic sweeting
  • 2 Philip's such a dear
    lovable person, adorable person, endearing person; darling, sweetheart, pet, angel, gem, treasure
    informal star
  • adverb

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  • they buy property cheaply and sell dear
    at a high price, at an excessive price, at an exorbitant price, at high cost, at great cost
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