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Synonyms of deep in English:


  • 1 a deep ravine
    extending far down;
    cavernous, yawning, gaping, huge, big, great, extensive, profound, unplumbed;
    rare chasmic
    [Antonyms] shallow
  • 2 a deep shelf
    extending far back/in, extending a long way back, extensive
    [Antonyms] shallow
  • 3 a puddle about two inches deep
    in depth, downwards, inwards, from top to bottom, from the surface, in vertical extent
  • 4 I have a deep affection for you he was viewed with deep suspicion
    intense, heartfelt, deeply felt, fervent, ardent, impassioned, wholehearted, deep-seated, deep-rooted, thorough, thoroughgoing, serious;
    sincere, honest, genuine, unfeigned;
    earnest, enthusiastic, keen, great;
    grave, abject
    [Antonyms] superficial, insincere
  • 5 Laura drifted into a deep sleep
    sound, heavy, profound, intense
  • 6 Helen was a deep thinker
    clever, intelligent, intellectual;
    knowledgeable, learned, wise, sagacious, sage, scholarly;
    profound, philosophical, complex, weighty, serious, difficult, abstruse, esoteric, recondite, impenetrable, unfathomable, mysterious, obscure
    [Antonyms] straightforward
  • 7 he was deep in concentration
    rapt, absorbed, engrossed, preoccupied, immersed, steeped, lost, captivated, spellbound, riveted, gripped, enthralled, intent, engaged
  • 9 his deep voice
    [Antonyms] high
  • 10 a deep reddish-brown colour
    intense, vivid, rich, strong, brilliant, glowing, vibrant, bold, warm, flamboyant, eye-catching
    [Antonyms] light, thin
  • noun

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  • 1 literary the strange creatures of the deep See sea (sense 1 of the noun)
  • 2 in the deep of night
    the middle, the midst, the mid point, the central point;
    the depths, the thick, the dead, the heart, the kernel, the interior
  • adverb

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  • 1 I dug deep
    far down, far in, deep down, way down, to a great depth
  • 2 he brought them deep into thick woodland
    far, a long way, a great distance, a good way
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