Synonyms of defame in English:



  • he had been defamed by an article in a tabloid newspaper
    libel, slander, malign, cast aspersions on, smear, traduce, blacken the name/character of, give someone a bad name, defame someone's character, sully someone's reputation, run down, speak ill/evil of, back-bite, run a smear campaign against, calumniate, vilify, besmirch, tarnish, stigmatize, disparage, denigrate, discredit, decry, insult, lie about, tell lies about
    informal do a hatchet job on, sling/fling/throw mud at, drag through the mud/mire
    North American slur
    British informal slag off
    North American informal bad-mouth
    rare asperse, derogate, vilipend
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    defame, malign, slander, libel, traduce
    See malign

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