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Synonyms of defeat in English:


  • 1 the victorious army which defeated the Scots at Halidon Hill
    beat, conquer, win against, win a victory over, triumph over, prevail over, get the better of, best, worst, vanquish;
    rout, trounce, overcome, overpower, overthrow, overwhelm, crush, quash, bring someone to their knees;
    quell, subjugate, subdue, repulse
    informal lick, thrash, hammer, whip, wipe the floor with, walk all over, give someone a hiding, take to the cleaners, blow out of the water, run rings round/around, make mincemeat of, clobber, paste, pound, pulverize, crucify, murder, massacre, slaughter, demolish, drub, give someone a drubbing, cane, zap, flatten, turn inside out, tank, pwn
    British informal stuff, marmalize
    North American informal blow out, cream, shellac, skunk, slam
    US informal own
    [Antonyms] lose to
  • 2 budgets should not be so complex that they defeat their purpose
    thwart, block, frustrate, prevent, foil, baulk, ruin, put a stop to, scotch, obviate, forestall, debar, snooker, derail;
    British informal scupper, put the mockers on, nobble
    [Antonyms] advance, assist
  • 3 the motion was defeated
    reject, overthrow, throw out, dismiss, outvote, spurn, rebuff, turn down
    informal give the thumbs down
    [Antonyms] pass
  • 4 I managed to fit to the machine, but how to make it work defeats me
    informal beat, flummox, discombobulate, faze, stump, fox, be all Greek to
  • noun

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  • 1 a crippling defeat for the government
    loss, beating, conquest, conquering, besting, worsting, vanquishing, vanquishment, {game, set, and match};
    reverse, debacle, downfall
    informal thrashing, hiding, drubbing, licking, hammering, whipping, clobbering, pasting, pounding, pulverizing, massacre, slaughter, demolition, caning, flattening, pwnage
    US informal ownage
    [Antonyms] victory
  • 2 the defeat of his plans
    failure, downfall, breakdown, collapse, ruin, lack of success, discomfiture, rejection, frustration, foundering, misfiring, overthrow, abortion, miscarriage;
    undoing, reverse;
    disappointment, setback
    [Antonyms] success
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