Synonyms of defend in English:



  • 1 a tower built to defend Ireland from Napoleon's threatened invasion we will defend freedom of speech
    protect, guard, safeguard, keep from harm, preserve, secure, shield, shelter, screen; fortify, garrison, barricade; fight for, uphold, support, be on the side of, take up cudgels for; watch over, be the defender of
    [Antonyms] attack
  • 2 he defended his policy of charging high interest rates
    justify, vindicate, argue/speak for, speak on behalf of, support, speak in support of, give an apologia for, make a case for, plead for, make excuses for, excuse, exonerate, palliate; explain, give reasons for, give the rationale behind
    [Antonyms] attack criticize
  • 3 the manager defended his players
    support, speak in support of, back, stand by, stick up for, stand up for, argue for, champion, endorse, uphold, come to the defence of, sustain, bolster
    [Antonyms] criticize
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