Synonyms of delirious in English:



  • 1 for much of the time she was delirious, but there were lucid intervals
    incoherent, raving, babbling, irrational, hysterical, wild, feverish, frenzied;
    deranged, demented, unhinged, mad, insane, crazed, out of one's mind
    British informal swivel-eyed
    [Antonyms] lucid, coherent
  • 2 there was a great roar from the delirious crowd
    ecstatic, euphoric, elated, thrilled, overjoyed, beside oneself, walking on air, on cloud nine/seven, in seventh heaven, jumping for joy, in transports of delight, carried away, transported, rapturous, in raptures, exultant, jubilant, in a frenzy of delight, hysterical, wild with excitement, frenzied
    North American informal wigged out
    [Antonyms] disappointed, depressed
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