Synonyms of demur in English:



  • Mr Steed demurred when the suggestion was put to him
    raise objections, object, take exception, take issue, protest, lodge a protest, cavil, dissent; raise doubts, express doubt, express reluctance, express reservations, express misgivings, be unwilling, be reluctant, baulk, hesitate, think twice, hang back, drag one's heels, refuse
    informal be cagey, boggle, kick up a fuss, kick up a stink
  • noun

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  • they accepted the ruling without demur
    objection, protest, protestation, complaint, dispute, dissent, carping, cavilling, recalcitrance, opposition, resistance; reservation, hesitation, reluctance, unwillingness, disinclination, lack of enthusiasm; doubts, qualms, misgivings, second thoughts; a murmur, a peep, a word, a sound Lawdemurrers
    rare demurral
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