Synonyms of depression in English:



  • 1 she ate to ease her depression
    melancholy, misery, sadness, unhappiness, sorrow, woe, gloom, gloominess, dejection, downheartedness, despondency, dispiritedness, low spirits, heavy-heartedness, moroseness, discouragement, despair, desolation, dolefulness, moodiness, pessimism, hopelessness; the slough of despond; upset, tearfulness
    informal the dumps, the doldrums, the blues, one's black dog, a low
    North American informal the blahs, a funk, a blue funk
    informal , dated the mopes
    technical clinical depression, endogenous depression, reactive depression, postnatal depression, dysthymia, melancholia
    literary dolour
    archaic the megrims
    [Antonyms] cheerfulness
  • 2 the country was in the grip of an economic depression
    recession, slump, decline, downturn, slowdown, standstill; paralysis, inactivity, stagnation, credit crunch, credit squeeze; hard times, bad times
    technical stagflation
    [Antonyms] boom
  • 3 the car slid into a depression in the ground
    hollow, indentation, dent, dint, cavity, concavity, dip, pit, hole, pothole, sink, sinkhole, excavation, trough, crater; valley, basin, bowl; Anatomyfossa, lacuna
    [Antonyms] protuberance
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