Synonyms of derelict in English:



  • 1 a derelict old building
    dilapidated, ramshackle, run down, broken-down, worn out, tumbledown, in (a state of) disrepair, in ruins, ruined, falling to pieces, falling apart; rickety, creaky, creaking, decrepit, deteriorating, crumbling, deteriorated; neglected, untended, unmaintained, gone to rack and ruin, gone to seed, on its last legs, the worse for wear
    [Antonyms] in good repair
  • 2 a vast, derelict airfield
    disused, abandoned, deserted, discarded, rejected, forsaken, cast off, relinquished, ownerless
    [Antonyms] in use
  • 3North American he was derelict in his duty to his country
    [Antonyms] dutiful punctilious
  • noun

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  • the community of derelicts who survive on the capital's streets
    tramp, vagrant, vagabond, down and out, homeless person, drifter, person of no fixed address/abode, knight of the road; beggar, mendicant; outcast, pariah, ne'er do well, good-for-nothing, wastrel
    informal dosser, bag lady
    North American informal hobo, bum
    Australian/New Zealand informal derro
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