Synonyms of die in English:



  • 1 he was eighteen when his mother died
    pass away, pass on, lose one's life, depart this life, expire, breathe one's last, draw one's last breath, meet one's end, meet one's death, lay down one's life, be no more, perish, be lost, go the way of the flesh, go the way of all flesh, go to glory, go to one's last resting place, go to meet one's maker, cross the great divide, cross the Styxpush up the daisies, be six feet under
    North American informal bite the big one, buy the farm, check out, hand in one's dinner pail
    Australian/New Zealand informal go bung
    literary exit
    archaic decease
    [Antonyms] live survive
  • 2 the last hope that there had been some mistake died
    fade, fall away, dwindle, melt away, dissolve, subside, decline, sink, lapse, ebb, wane, wilt, wither, evanesce, come to an end, end, vanish, disappear
    [Antonyms] exist
  • 3 informal the car gave a stutter and the engine died
    fail, cut out, give out, stop, halt, break down, stop working, cease to function; peter out, fizzle out, run down, fade away, lose power
    informal conk out, go kaput, give up the ghost, go phut
    British informal pack up
    [Antonyms] start
  • 4 informal I'm going to die of boredom in this place
    be overcome with, be overwhelmed by, be overpowered by, collapse with, succumb to
  • 5 informal she's just dying to meet you
    be very eager, be very keen, be desperate, long, yearn, burn, ache, itch
    informal have a yen, yen
    [Antonyms] be reluctant
  • Phrases

    die away

    the sound of hoofbeats died awayfade (away)fall awaydwindlemelt awaysubsideebbwanecome to an end

    die down

    we sheltered until the wind had died downabatesubsidedropdrop offdrop awayfall awaylessenease (off)let updecreasediminishmoderatedeclinefadedwindleslackenrecedetail offpeter outtaper offwaneebbrelentbecome weakerweakencome to an end archaicremit

    die out

    the trout population could die out completely the ceremony has died out in many areasbecome extinctvanishdisappearcease to becease to existbe no moreperishpass into oblivionbecome less commonbecome rarerdwindlepeter out

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