Synonyms of diffuse in English:



  • the light of the moon was diffused by cloud such ideas were diffused widely in the 1970s
    [Antonyms] concentrate, collect
  • adjective

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  • 1 skylights give a diffuse illumination through the rooms
    spread out, diffused, scattered, dispersed, not concentrated
    [Antonyms] concentrated
  • 2 Tania's narrative is rather diffuse
    loose, vague
    informal windy, gassy
    British informal waffling
    rare pleonastic, circumlocutionary, ambagious, logorrhoeic
    [Antonyms] succinct
  • diffuse or defuse?The verbs diffuse and defuse are quite different in meaning, though they are sometimes confused on account of their similarity in sound. Diffuse means ‘scatter, spread widely’ ( power is diffused and decentralized). Defuse, on the other hand, means ‘reduce the danger or tension in’ ( the agreement was designed to defuse a dangerous rivalry).

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