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Synonyms of dip in English:


  • 1 he dipped a rag in the water
    immerse, submerge, plunge, duck, dunk, lower, sink;
    douse, soak, drench, souse, steep, saturate, bathe, rinse
  • 2 the sun had dipped below the horizon
    sink, set, drop, go/drop down, fall, descend;
    fade, disappear, subside, vanish, be engulfed
    [Antonyms] rise
  • 3 the news sent the stock dipping 5p to 663p
    decrease, fall, go down, drop, fall off, drop off, decline, diminish, dwindle, depreciate, deteriorate, slump, plummet, plunge
    informal hit the floor
    [Antonyms] increase
  • 4 the road dipped and we picked up speed
    slope down, slope, slant down, descend, go down, drop away, fall away, fall, sink, decline, be at an angle;
    droop, sag
    [Antonyms] rise
  • 5 the flag was dipped
    lower, move downwards/down, let fall, let sink
    [Antonyms] raise
  • 6 he dipped his headlights
    dim, lower, turn down, darken, make less intense
    [Antonyms] brighten, raise
  • Phrases

    dip into
  • 1 she dipped into her handbag
    reach into, put one's hand into
  • 2 if an emergency arises, you might have to dip into your savings
    draw on, spend part of, touch, use, make use of, have recourse to, employ
  • 3 it is an interesting book to dip into
    browse through, skim through, scan, look through, flick through, flip through, leaf through, riffle through, run through, glance at, peruse, read quickly, have a quick look at, run one's eye over, give something a/the once-over
  • noun

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  • 1 the pool is ideal for a relaxing dip
    swim, bathe, dive, plunge, splash, paddle
  • 2 the best remedy is to give the fish a ten-minute dip in a salt bath
  • 3 the disposal of used sheep dip is tightly controlled
    liquid preparation/mixture, solution
  • 4 chicken satay with peanut dip
    sauce, dressing, relish, creamy mixture
  • 5 there's a big hedge at the bottom of the dip
    slope, incline, decline, slant, descent, cant;
  • 6 there was a dip in sales
    [Antonyms] increase
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