Synonyms of direct in English:



  • 1 this was the most direct route
    [Antonyms] indirect
  • 2 he took a direct flight to Cyprus
    non-stop, unbroken, uninterrupted, straight through, through
  • 3 he is very direct and honest
    frank, straightforward, honest, candid, open, sincere, straight, straight to the point, blunt, plain-spoken, outspoken, forthright, downright, uninhibited, unreserved, point blank, no-nonsense, matter-of-fact, bluff, undiplomatic, tactless; not afraid to call a spade a spade, not beating around the bush, speaking as one finds; explicit, clear, plain, unequivocal, unambiguous, unqualified, categorical
    [Antonyms] evasive
  • 4 he preferred to rely on direct contact with the leaders
    face to face, personal, unmediated, head-on, immediate, first-hand; Frenchtête-à-tête
  • 5 a direct quotation
    verbatim, word for word, letter for letter, to the letter, faithful, undeviating, strict, exact, precise; unadulterated, unabridged, unvarnished, unembellished; accurate, correct
    [Antonyms] loose
  • 6 Martin is his direct opposite
    exact, absolute, complete, diametrical, downright, thorough, extreme
  • adverb

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  • accommodation can be booked direct from the hotel
    directly, straight, in person, without an intermediary; Frenchtête-à-tête
  • verb

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  • 1 the elders directed the affairs of the tribe
    administer, manage, run, control, govern, conduct, handle; be in charge of, be in control of, be in command of, be the boss of, lead, head, command, rule, preside over, exercise control over, be responsible for, be at the helm of; supervise, superintend, oversee, guide, regulate, orchestrate, coordinate, engineer, mastermind
    informal run the show, call the shots, call the tune, pull the strings, be in the driving seat, be in the saddle
  • 2 Jennifer was unsure if this comment was directed at her
  • 3 most of these books are directed at teenage girls
    target, market; orient towards, pitch to/towards; design for, tailor to
  • 4 a man in uniform directed them to the hall
    give directions to, show/point/indicate the way; guide, steer, lead; conduct, accompany, usher, escort, navigate, pilot
  • 5 put all the documents in one package and direct it to me
    address, label, superscribe; post, send, mail, dispatch
  • 6 the judge directed the jury to return a not guilty verdict
    instruct, tell, command, order, give orders to, charge, call on, require, dictate; adjure, enjoin
    literary bid
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