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Synonyms of disagree in English:


  • 1 no one was willing to disagree with him
    fail to agree, be in dispute/contention, be at variance/odds, not see eye to eye, differ from, dissent from, diverge from;
    contradict, gainsay, challenge, oppose;
    archaic disaccord
    [Antonyms] agree
  • 2 they disagreed with American policy
    disapprove of, oppose, dissent from, think wrong, be against, demur about/against, not believe in, not support
    [Antonyms] agree
  • 3 their accounts disagree on details
    differ, be dissimilar, be unlike, be different, vary;
    contradict each other, conflict, clash, contrast, diverge, not correspond, not accord, be discordant
    [Antonyms] agree
  • 4 the North Sea crossing seemed to have disagreed with her
    make ill, make unwell, nauseate, sicken, upset, cause illness to, cause discomfort to, be injurious to, have an adverse effect on
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