Synonyms of disarm in English:



  • 1 the UN must disarm the country and arrest the warlords
    deprive of arms, take weapons from, render defenceless, make powerless; demilitarize, demobilize
    [Antonyms] arm militarize
  • 2 the militia had refused government demands to disarm
    lay down arms/weapons, demilitarize, turn over weapons, decommission arms/weapons, become unarmed
    literary sheathe the sword, turn swords into ploughshares
    [Antonyms] arm
  • 3 police disarmed a parcel bomb
    defuse, disable, deactivate, remove the fuse from, put out of action; make safe, make harmless
    [Antonyms] arm set
  • 4 the warmth in his voice disarmed her
    win over, charm, undermine someone's resistance, sweeten; persuade, convert; mollify, appease, placate, pacify, conciliate, humour, propitiate
    [Antonyms] antagonize
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